Product Registration

To complete the registration for Kepler Builder, you’ll need a License Key.

Follow these steps:

  1. Access your email account that was used to purchase Kepler Builder.
  2. Look for Kepler Builder in your list of emails, and copy the License Key in the body of your email.
  3. Paste the ‘License Key’ into the field ‘License Key’ or ‘Purchase Code’ in the Kepler Builder Menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

Registration Approval

 The term ‘Register your product’ means connecting to our API server and validating your Purchase Code for the installation. With this checkbox, you are asked to approve permissions to run the Product Registration and validate your installation. This way you confirm you are compliant with the EULA.

Portability and Deregistration

  • Portability In case you want to use your Purchase Code on another domain name (e.g. when you are moving a site from one domain to another) you’ll need to deregister the theme first.
  • Deregistration: To deregister the product just click on the ‘Unlink’ button in Kepler → Settings in your WordPress Dashboard. Note that this action will also delete any (encrypted) records used for the Product Registration verification.

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