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What’s in the box

After you have purchased our builder, you first need to download the Kepler package from your purchase confirmation email.

What’s included

Below is a listing of what is included in the main files download, and a brief description of each item:

  • contains the Kepler Builder.
  • Plugins: contains any bundled plugin .zip files other than those which are downloaded from Kepler servers.

With Kepler, you have the Kepler Builder, a proprietary Website Builder. You don’t have to buy another Page Builder to work with Kepler ThemeKepler Builder is currently exclusive to Kepler Theme only. To ensure that you enjoy the full functionality of Kepler Theme, you cannot use Kepler Builder with any other conventional WordPress theme. 

Kepler provides you with all the layouts and pages you see in the main demo site. Inserting demo pages into your site creates a copy which includes the placeholder text and images.

Included Plugins

The Kepler package features the following plugins:

  • Kepler Builder (required to design Pages): Take full control over your WordPress site and build any layout you can imagine.

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