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4 Votes 0 Ans
Kepler is on Discord!? (hooray!) First off, we would like to thank everyone ? for the continued interest in our builder. The journey that lead us to where we are today has been such an exciting...
Featured5.26K viewsChanged status to publish by: Announcements
0 Votes 0 Ans
I cannot edit footer after editing header or any other file. Sent an email to support team and they have stopped responding. this is very bad experience. I was going to buy this for at...
0 Votes 0 Ans
Can Kepler be used as a drag and drop editor for Strapi Wagtail Django
0 Votes 1 Ans
Hi there, I wanted to go back and edit my last question with an update saying I found out the issue which was causing the page problems, and how to fix it. the page had...
0 Votes 0 Ans
Here is my normal home page editor here is my contact page editor:
0 Votes 0 Ans
We have some exciting news for everyone in the Kepler community. Our team is just days away from advertising a new version of Kepler. It’s been some busy days for our team. We managed to...
2.28K viewsChanged status to publish by: Bugs & Errorsbugs update
1 Votes 0 Ans
Hang in there, WordPress website developers! The chaos around the world isn’t stopping the Kepler team from grinding and hustling at work. We want the best for our existing users and prospective users. Our work...
3.11K viewsChanged status to publish by: Announcementsblog bugs update
0 Votes 1 Ans
The Community and Video tutorials links in the corner go to and not to any specific community or site. The Kepler builder can't edit/open my Blog page, which is running the default layout that...
4.97K viewsAnswered by: Bugs & Errorsbug
0 Votes 2 Ans
Hi community! Can you share your website made using Kepler? And is anywhere available a roadmap for Kepler? Thanks!
Solved5.61K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sdesign showcase
0 Votes 2 Ans
Kepler is absolutely useless at this stage for real development. If I want to make simple modifications to the limited handful of supplied themes, sure, that's fine. If I want to make a custom layout,...
0 Votes 1 Ans
If you add a sub-page to a menu item, drop-down menu does not appear correctly in skimtonlaw theme.
0 Votes 1 Ans
Apologies to keep asking a fresh question, seems the support section is also half functioning, comment replies don't work. Making a container stretched set to height of 600px leaves a white gap under the footer....
0 Votes 1 Ans
How do I make a page landscape with no scroll? The format is header, slider, footer for each page. No matter the desktop window size, users should not be able to scroll and all content...
1 Votes 1 Ans
How do I make a page template fullwidth in Kepler? I don't see a setting anywhere in the page builder, nor template in the standard page editor. Adding this plugin then selecting one of the...
4.86K viewsUnselected an answer How-to'sfullwidth page layout
0 Votes 1 Ans
Could you please link the shortcode for the contact form as it appears in demo? I figured (I think) that I should install Contact Form 7, but I'd like demo content for it as in...
0 Votes 1 Ans
In Template BinaryDots, I'd like those logos/images default (Pepper's etc) to link to nothing, no URL, rather than "javascript:void(0)" is this currently possible?
0 Votes 1 Ans
When I try to link pages inside the Builder, (by using Button Link) the dropdown menu is blank and doesn't show any. I'm on Chrome. Plus all Pages are "?page_id=140" etc. How to set them...
Solved4.53K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sbuttons link pages permalinks
0 Votes 1 Ans
I've installed and activated Kepler builder and Hello Kepler Theme to give it a trial run, but I'm running into issues out of the gate. When I click 'Get started with Kepler Builder', it launches...
0 Votes 1 Ans
Hi, is Kepler fully compatible with Wordpress 5.4.2?
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