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0 Votes 0 Ans
Kepler is absolutely useless at this stage for real development. If I want to make simple modifications to the limited handful of supplied themes, sure, that's fine. If I want to make a custom layout,...
0 Votes 0 Ans
Apologies to keep asking a fresh question, seems the support section is also half functioning, comment replies don't work. Making a container stretched set to height of 600px leaves a white gap under the footer....
0 Votes 1 Ans
How do I make a page landscape with no scroll? The format is header, slider, footer for each page. No matter the desktop window size, users should not be able to scroll and all content...
1 Votes 1 Ans
How do I make a page template fullwidth in Kepler? I don't see a setting anywhere in the page builder, nor template in the standard page editor. Adding this plugin then selecting one of the...
0 Votes 0 Ans
If you add a sub-page to a menu item, drop-down menu does not appear correctly in skimtonlaw theme.
0 Votes 1 Ans
Could you please link the shortcode for the contact form as it appears in demo? I figured (I think) that I should install Contact Form 7, but I'd like demo content for it as in...
0 Votes 1 Ans
In Template BinaryDots, I'd like those logos/images default (Pepper's etc) to link to nothing, no URL, rather than "javascript:void(0)" is this currently possible?
0 Votes 1 Ans
When I try to link pages inside the Builder, (by using Button Link) the dropdown menu is blank and doesn't show any. I'm on Chrome. Plus all Pages are "?page_id=140" etc. How to set them...
Solved749 viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sbuttons link pages permalinks
0 Votes 1 Ans
I've installed and activated Kepler builder and Hello Kepler Theme to give it a trial run, but I'm running into issues out of the gate. When I click 'Get started with Kepler Builder', it launches...
0 Votes 1 Ans
Hi, is Kepler fully compatible with Wordpress 5.4.2?
0 Votes 0 Ans
Hi community! Can you share your website made using Kepler? And is anywhere available a roadmap for Kepler? Thanks!
0 Votes 1 Ans
Hi, my website looks totally different from the builder. The alignment and padding are off. am I doing something wrong?
Solved1.20K viewsSelected answer as best Bugs & Errorsalignment
0 Votes 2 Ans
How do I change my theme or restart from scratch like a fresh install? Edit: Okay also I have a new problem
0 Votes 1 Ans
Changing background image opacity should only affect the background image and nothing else. Right now, if you change the bg image opacity it affects the whole column content.
0 Votes 4 Ans
Some pages just never seem to load when I try to edit them.
0 Votes 2 Ans
Hi! Is it possible to create link on image?
1.64K viewsAnswered by: How-to'simage link
0 Votes 6 Ans
Hi there, Just downloaded. Impressed so far. However! My hosting isn't strong enough to download the demo content. Is there a way to download externally and import through FTP or through the web browser? Thanks...
3.14K viewsPosted new comment How-to'sdemo
0 Votes 3 Ans
Hi, what am I doing wrong? I have clean latest version WP install, only Kepler plugin and theme and my demo import was unsuccessful. And if I choose "Start with blank" and when I want...
2.10K viewsPosted new comment Bugs & Errorsbug error import
2 Votes 1 Ans
Awesome product, Malith. One question though: Can I design a post template and have it applied to all my posts, such that any new post created takes that post template designed? I'd like to know...
0 Votes 1 Ans
Is there a support for negative values in fields, it seems that these fields are limited to only numbers.
Solved1.38K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sFeature Margin Negative Padding
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