We have some exciting news for everyone in the Kepler community. Our team is just days away from advertising a new version of Kepler. It’s been some busy days for our team. We managed to reach out to many users via direct messages and were able to integrate their ideas. That’s how attentive we can be to our dear audience. We rectified many of their bottlenecks for a better product experience. Thank you all so much for the valuable feedback.

We streamlined the on-boarding process for Kepler installation. Users can now download Kepler themes and automatically install Kepler builder without a separate download option. We added draggable empty box elements. It was a repeated request from our community. Before this, users could only add empty boxes by right-clicking inside a column and, now users can flexibly add empty boxes anywhere. Our team completely optimized the drag & drop to eliminate unnecessary waiting & lag times. Kepler now runs more smoothly. We also fixed a lot of pesky bugs – dozens of them. Don’t worry! The Kepler team has more bug fixes coming on our next release.

If you like to be engaged with our Kepler community make sure you are signed up on Kepler Community (https://help.kepler.app) and our discord community (https://rvx.one/discord) Stay tuned for more exciting news up ahead.

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