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0 Votes 0 Ans
Can Kepler be used as a drag and drop editor for Strapi Wagtail Django
0 Votes 2 Ans
Hi community! Can you share your website made using Kepler? And is anywhere available a roadmap for Kepler? Thanks!
Solved5.13K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sdesign showcase
0 Votes 1 Ans
Apologies to keep asking a fresh question, seems the support section is also half functioning, comment replies don't work. Making a container stretched set to height of 600px leaves a white gap under the footer....
0 Votes 1 Ans
How do I make a page landscape with no scroll? The format is header, slider, footer for each page. No matter the desktop window size, users should not be able to scroll and all content...
1 Votes 1 Ans
How do I make a page template fullwidth in Kepler? I don't see a setting anywhere in the page builder, nor template in the standard page editor. Adding this plugin then selecting one of the...
4.49K viewsUnselected an answer How-to'sfullwidth page layout
0 Votes 1 Ans
Could you please link the shortcode for the contact form as it appears in demo? I figured (I think) that I should install Contact Form 7, but I'd like demo content for it as in...
0 Votes 1 Ans
In Template BinaryDots, I'd like those logos/images default (Pepper's etc) to link to nothing, no URL, rather than "javascript:void(0)" is this currently possible?
0 Votes 1 Ans
When I try to link pages inside the Builder, (by using Button Link) the dropdown menu is blank and doesn't show any. I'm on Chrome. Plus all Pages are "?page_id=140" etc. How to set them...
Solved4.20K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sbuttons link pages permalinks
0 Votes 1 Ans
I've installed and activated Kepler builder and Hello Kepler Theme to give it a trial run, but I'm running into issues out of the gate. When I click 'Get started with Kepler Builder', it launches...
0 Votes 2 Ans
How do I change my theme or restart from scratch like a fresh install? Edit: Okay also I have a new problem
0 Votes 4 Ans
Some pages just never seem to load when I try to edit them.
0 Votes 2 Ans
Hi! Is it possible to create link on image?
0 Votes 6 Ans
Hi there, Just downloaded. Impressed so far. However! My hosting isn't strong enough to download the demo content. Is there a way to download externally and import through FTP or through the web browser? Thanks...
10.50K viewsPosted new comment How-to'sdemo
2 Votes 1 Ans
Awesome product, Malith. One question though: Can I design a post template and have it applied to all my posts, such that any new post created takes that post template designed? I'd like to know...
0 Votes 1 Ans
Is there a support for negative values in fields, it seems that these fields are limited to only numbers.
Solved3.85K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sFeature Margin Negative Padding
0 Votes 1 Ans
Instead of Opening Kepler, the button in the Kepler page is now How to open Kepler Builder and it just loads a blank knowledge base page
Solved3.89K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sKepler
2 Votes 1 Ans
Im having issues with adding the required php requirements to htaccess file due to our requirements from our Cache handling software, would there be any other solutions to being able to add demo contents?
Solved4.25K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'shtaccess php.ini wordpress
1 Votes 1 Ans
I want to create a card element that has multiple elements inside, how can I add a div or wrap the elements into a div?
Solved4.00K viewsSelected answer as best How-to'sdiv group
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