Hang in there, WordPress website developers! The chaos around the world isn’t stopping the Kepler team from grinding and hustling at work. We want the best for our existing users and prospective users. Our work has started to gain alarming momentum and traffic, organically with our dear audience. There is a silver lining for the Kepler community soon. You will come to witness a seamless WordPress website builder app experience. Thus, our brilliant engineers are more than excited to continue the development of our product. If it’s back end and front end, we have it all covered. Take a look at the latest developments and aspects our team has been working on:

  • Fix users not being able to access “Blank” pages
  • Fix users not being able to access Kepler with a recent WordPress update
  • Added Kepler Builder to WordPress page editor
  • Added & updated help links within Kepler (Join our Discord)
  • Minor typos and bugs
  • Networking improvement
  • Missing asset fix

The above product development update is a brilliant sign we can announce to our loyal users that the launch of Kepler v.1 is not far behind. We have more updates to come to address concerns from our community, if you want to be engaged with our community make sure you are signed up on Kepler Community (https://help.kepler.app) and our discord community (https://rvx.one/discord) Let’s continue the WordPress website-building journey together, Kepler Knights! Stay tuned for more exciting news up ahead.

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