Kepler is on Discord!? (hooray!)

First off, we would like to thank everyone ? for the continued interest in our builder. The journey that lead us to where we are today has been such an exciting and lovely one because of all of our amazing users ❤️. Building a website builder is hard, especially one as flexible as ours; we have received a lot of valuable feedback from the community and have decided to dedicate the next few months of our time focusing only on improving user experience on a larger scale.

To create a more cohesive community behind Kepler and also to provide better support and feedback to our users of our early product, we created a Discord group!

Come voice your opinions and join us on this exciting journey and community of Kepler users from all around the world! We have exciting exclusive events for our Kepler users as well as free virtual hugs ?

Help us shape the future of Kepler  together.

Does the link not work? Click here!
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