Troubleshoot Kepler Builder Experience

There are a few issues that can slow down the Kepler Builder or prevent it from saving your work. Thankfully, you can usually resolve them with the following steps:

Need to know 
Kepler works best on any up-to-date Chrome browser.

Check your internet connection

Kepler runs smoothly even with a slower internet connection. Whenever your browser loses internet connection, a notification would appear letting you know that your website can’t be saved at that time.

To be sure that internet speed isn’t an issue, double check your internet connection and verify your signal strength. 

Check your browser version

Make sure you are using Kepler on the latest version of Chrome. You can easily check your browser version from the About settings in your status bar.

Check your browser extensions

Some browser extensions, such as content blockers, may cause performance issues when using Kepler. Launch Kepler after disabling your extensions to test for any that may be making the Builder laggy or unresponsive. If Kepler works better in this mode, disable any extensions that are causing an issue when using Kepler.

Pro tip
If you’re using Chrome, you can create a new Chrome profile where you do not add any extensions and use that to launch Kepler.

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