Kepler is absolutely useless at this stage for real development.

If I want to make simple modifications to the limited handful of supplied themes, sure, that’s fine.

If I want to make a custom layout, like something as simple as a fullscreen landscape layout with no scroll, Kepler absolutely fails.

Several settings that work a certain way across a majority of visual editors don’t here. Unexpected outcomes = wasted time.

Things you’d expect a visual editor to have out the box like adding blank sections, containers, rows & columns is missing. To add those you have to add an element like text or a button, then a section/container is added around that. From there you can then add further blank sections with the + button, but before adding text, there’s no facility to add sections. Terrible.

On top of this, Kepler has heaps of bugs…like editing a page, then when you come back to the editor…it no longer works. No other plugins installed, just Kepler builder and the default “Hello Kepler” theme. What an absolute waste of time, hours of work lost.

To further add to this, the support section doesn’t work properly. I can ask a question and receive a reply/answer, but then the comments section to reply to that answer and continue the conversation doesn’t work, making support absolutely useless as well.

I’m really glad Kepler comes with a 14 day trial, within 1 day I’ve already decided this is simply a slick-looking waste of time.

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