Element Palette

  • The Element Palette is located in the top left corner of the workspace as a vertical strip of icons.
  • The Element Palette contains all your Page elements such as heading text, images and sliders.
  • Think of elements as layers in any graphics editor — you can freely move and resize them, change their opacity, align and group several elements together, and arrange them by placing above or underneath each other.
  • To move your elements around the page, simply click and drag it to a new position.
  • If you hover over a section icon on the Element Palette a preview of the elements contained in that section would appear.
  • You can simply drag and drop any element from the Element Palette on to a location on the Canvas.
  • When you insert a new element to the Canvas, it will generate the required layers around the element to ensure the new element always remains within the Grid.

The sections of the Element Palette comprise the following.  

  • Headings. Insert Heading elements ranging from H1 to H6. Used as titles and headline content that feature prominently both visually and within the site code.
  • Text. Choose from different non-Heading text styles ranging from Paragraphs and Quotes to Caption formatting.
  • Buttons. Drag and drop buttons that link seamlessly to other pages on your sites, attachments, or even external URLs. Style them through multiple designer-built variations featured by your Style Filter.
  • Icons. Choose from 6 different hand-picked icon styles. Choose icons that look great on any site design and watch them change as you switch through different Style Filters. Each Style Filter specifies its preferred icon style. Your content maps your icons to a new style based on your selected Style Filter.
  • Images. Insert an image layer and choose to feature an uploaded picture or choose one from Unsplash using the native explorer.
  • Sliders. The slider element is a robust dynamic container that lets you feature multiple slides that can each carry any element you choose to insert. You can have slides auto rotate or switch them with forward and back controls.
  • Maps. Use Maps to show locations of places and other geographic information to your website users.
  • Video. You can insert a video element to showcase content from Youtube, Facebook, DailyMotion and Vimeo. Videos can also be added as background content to your Sections, Containers and Columns alternatively.

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