The Plan tab on the top toolbar gives you access to your Pages and site-wide Header and Footer layouts. The Design tab that sits next to it brings you back to the Canvas of the last selected Page.


  • The top section of the Plan tab lists all your site Pages as thumbnails.
  • The currently active Page on the Canvas will be visible with a highlighted border around its thumbnail.
  • You can hover over a Page thumbnail to reveal a selector button.
  • The Page Title is presented below its thumbnail and you and edit the Page Title by clicking on the text.
  • The down arrow icon presented when you hover over a Page thumbnail reveals a context menu which contains the Header and Footer selected for the Page.
  • Trash moves the selected Page to the Trash folder after selecting it.

Add New Layout Button

  • Click the + button to launch the Page Explorer.
  • The Page Explorer previews all the available designer-built Page Layouts in Altspace.
  • Alternatively, you could also choose to start with a blank Page from here as well.
  • Find a single Page Layout or a Page Layout Stack containing a full website and click Install.
  • You will find your new Pages in the Plan tab with all of its demo content included.
  • New Pages will be converted to the Style Filter currently applied to your Site.

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