Duplicate, Copy and Delete

In addition to moving and positioning elements around the Canvas, you can also use the DuplicateCopy and Paste functions to also create and position content.


  • If your design calls for the repetition of a layout in multiple Columns. multiple Containers or Sections the Duplicate function could save you a lot of time.
  • Simply produce an initial blueprint of your layout in a single instance on the Canvas and once finalised simply Duplicate it to create multiple clones of it in succession on the Canvas
  • The most common use case for this would be when you need to create a set of three similar Columns sitting side by side in a Container such as when you need to display the features of a product.


Copy and Paste

  • Similar to the Duplicate function the Copy and Paste function allow you to create Duplicates but choose in which section of the Canvas or in which other Page on the Site you wish to insert the layout, content or a single element.
  • Note that the Copy and Paste function on the Canvas works across Pages and as such you can use it to transfer entire SectionsContainers and Columns to multiple different parts of your Site.
  • Also, note that the Copy and Paste function of the Canvas elements is different from the copy and paste function of your native PC or Mac Operating System. 
  • If for example, you wish to copy and paste a simple text string in the Text Edit mode on the Canvas, you could perform a Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut to do so using the functionality of your PC or Mac Operating System.


  • To Delete an element simply select it and right-click to reveal its Context Menu including the Delete function. Once an element is deleted, it would remain in the Undo history of the Builder until your session is refreshed. 
  • Beyond this point, you may not be able to recover a deleted element without having a saved instance of your previous Page

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