• Drag and drop Buttons that link seamlessly to other Pages on your Site, email addresses or even external URLs.
  • Style them through multiple designer-built variations featured by your Style Filters
  • You can add a Link to your Button from the Settings Tab in the Inspector.
  • Link types:
    • Website URL. Link to an external website.
    • Jump to Page. Link to any page within the project. Type in the page number or page custom link. These links are updated automatically when you rearrange pages in the project.
    • Email. Standard ’mailTo’ URI scheme that creates a new email message to a specified address.
    • Phone Number. ‘Tel’ URI scheme that allows starting a call on mobile devices. The number has up to fifteen digits without spaces, hyphens and separators: +[country code][national destination (area) code][subscriber number], as per E.164 recommendations.

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