Simple Slider

  • The Simple Slider is a native element in the Builder that lets you showcase content that cycle within the same Canvas area.
  • Once you insert a Simple Slider element, you will be present an option to insert new slides on the Settings Tab of the Inspector.
  • You can click on an available slide on the Inspector to load it on the Canvas.
  • You can insert any other element within a slide including HeadingsImagesVideos and many more.
  • The Slider could be set to auto-cycle through its slides or to remain static until interacted with by the user. 
  • By default the Slider will present a single slide at a given time; however, you could specify it to display multiple slides in the form of a scrolling grid from the section titled “Show Multiple” in the Inspector.
  • The Simple Slider could be inserted at virtually any part of the Canvas.
  • Use it for testimonials, photo walls, content links and many more applications.

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