Heading and Text

  • Use these elements to create and edit texts on your page.
  • Heading. Insert Heading elements ranging from H1 to H6. Used as titles and headline content that feature prominently both visually and within the site code.
  • Text. Choose from different non-Heading text styles ranging from Paragraphs and Quotes to Caption formatting.
  • You can double-click on a Heading or Text element on the Canvas to edit its text in the Text Edit Mode.
  • When in Text Edit Mode, you can double click on a string of text to highlight it and reveal the Text Edit Context Menu.
  • You can use the Text Edit Context Menu to toggle simple text styles and add hyperlinks.
  • You can use the Inspector to switch H1 to H6 tags for a Heading element from the Settings tab.
  • Note. If you choose H1 or H2 styles, a text widget gets wrapped with <h1>…</h1> and <h2>…</h2> tags accordingly. All the other styles are defined with <p>…</p> tags. 
  • The Inspector allows you to change a Heading or Text element’s following properties:
    • Font Family
    • Font Weight and Style
    • Font Size
    • Font Color
    • Character Spacing
    • Line Height
    • Text Alignment 

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